July Print Sale @ MOLAA

5 Jun

Okay, so for those of you who have been asking me where you can purchase my prints….I have a tangible, concrete, legit location for you that does not involve sending money via the internet, sending a check off to a mailbox you’ve never seen and that allows for us to interact!

From July 15th-18th, my prints will be on display and for sale during the Museum of Latin American Art’s “Destination Peru” trunk show.  I will have a couple of tables set up with framed prints and racks of unframed prints for sale plus a number of blocks, tools, etc. just for display.  I will be available on Thursday evening, Friday and Saturday to talk to the public about my work, the process of printmaking, why all the people I make have such round faces, why there are always cats in my prints and why, recently, I’ve begun incorporating German into my work.  Or, we can talk about food, traveling and grumpy great-grandmothers.

The museum is hosting a couple of events in association to the event–and they vary in scope, cost and entertainment–so check it out:

Thursday night (I will be there), July 15th, MOLAA hosts it’s monthly “Happy Hour” called En la Noche at MOLAA.  It includes complimentary booze tasting, antojitos and margaritas for sale in the cafe, live music, gallery tours and my prints for sale in the lobby!  Admission is $10 if you don’t have a museum membership (Membership begins at $25 for students and educators!).

If you can’t find a babysitter or you’re just not into the whole happy hour scene, MOLAA will also host a Peruvian Independence Day festival as a part of Target Free Sundays on Sunday, July 18th.  ADMISSION IS FREE to this festival and includes music and dance performances, face painting and art workshops for the entire family!  I will not be available to tend to my table on the 18th as I will be coordinating the festival, but my mom has agreed to watch the table and answer questions about her hija the entire day (what a lovely mom!).  So you’ll get to talk to someone in my family who remembers all of the stuff I’m chronicling in my work.

All day Friday and Saturday, I plan to be at my little tables, peddling my wares–so please stop by!

The exhibitions that will be featured in the exhibitions during the sale are

Manchuria:  Peripheral Vision (a Felipe Ehrenberg retrospective) and Mariana Castillo Deball (installation and prints).

For more information about molaa, visit their website or give them a call at 562-437-1689.

More updates as the date approaches!


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