Sopa de Gabi @ Grand Central Art in Santa Ana

11 Aug

Please join us on September 4th for the opening of the exhibition Sopa de Gabi, presented by Six Pack Projects at Grand Central Art in Santa Ana.  My friend, Jillian Nakornthap,  curated the exhibition, which will feature some of  the prints that outline my family’s story.

I have to admit, I really dig the title.  Anyone who knows anything about my family knows that my great grandmother was a soup whiz–concocting dishes out of leftover anything.

I like making soups, but I’ve never made anything remotely like what my grandmother made–due mostly in part to the fact that I don’t cook meat.  But I like to compare my process of making prints to her process for making soup.

I make prints from the leftover scraps of stories that I can get ahold of.  I’m told that as a child, I was (in my tio Edward’s words) annoyingly cute.  When I pressed him about what this meant, he just laughed and informed me that I would ask questions and not let the subject drop until I’d gotten a complete and satisfactory answer.  I like to believe I was always just collecting information.

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve obviously been made aware of the nuances in everyone’s relationships with each other (as a child, I could really only guess), so I’m trying to re-learn a lot of the stories–gathering the complexities of the “flavor”.  With my grandmother’s dementia worsening everyday, that means that when I’m with grandma, I’m digging for stories and digging fast.

I like to think that my stories “feed” my family in some way.  I’ve enjoyed recounting stories with my aunts, uncles and cousins.  Re-remembering stuff one of them may have forgotten.  It also encourages them to tell me stories I may not remember, for whatever reason, and so the list of stories grow.

As Jillian states in the description of the exhibition, soups usually have a long history and are terribly complex.  My stories, while they are fairly universal stories of a kid growing up in L.A., have a beginning in Latin America with families made of mixed races, developing in both North and South America and coming together in California.  The way I make my prints has an even more complex background, developing forever ago and making its way across the ocean and establishing itself as forever relevant.

So yeah, the prints are like soup and I really dig the title.

The link to the exhibition can be found at the Six Pack Website.

Hope to see you there!


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