Stamp Project: Creating Cultural Currency

25 Mar

This Sunday, I have the honor of participating with a number of amazing artists in an exhibition curated by spirited Chicana painter, Margaret Garcia.

Margaret is currently organizing a National Women’s Exhibition, through which she hopes to provide a platform for otherwise unknown female artists to share their talent and passion for art with viewers from all over the United States.

In order to fund this huge project, Margaret has created the “Circle of Women” (which also includes men!) and called on her friends to submit an image to be reproduced and sold through gallery exhibitions and sales, with proceeds going to fund the National Exhibition.

The first of these exhibits takes place on Sunday, Mrach 28, 2010 at ChimMaya Gallery in East Los Angeles.  Participating artists inlude:

Grace Barraza-Vega, Jose Lozano, Raoul de la Sota, Magu, Ofelia Esparza, Sonya Fe, Margaret Garcia, Rosie Garcia, Michael Rascon and many more!

ChimMaya is located at:

5283 E. Beverely Blvd.  Los Angeles CA 90022


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