New Block: La Muerte de MoMo

9 Jan

Momo was Philipp’s cat as a child.  Momo lived in Germany, but also accompanied the family when they went on holiday in Ibiza.  There, Momo was violently harassed by the local crows, who dived and pecked at his head every time he snuck out of the house.

This continued for some time until Momo decided that enough was enough and, essentially, snapped.

Philipp remembers coming home from town to a scene of carnage he had never been exposed to in his life.  Dead crows were scattered throughout the yard.  In his murderous frenzy Momo had dragged the bloody bodies across the porch, leaving a bright red trail of fresh blood.

“Murderer!” screamed Philipp’s mother, Birgit, as she rushed the children into the house.  Murderer.

After the killing spree, no crow bothered to dive at Momo and he began competing with the feral cats in the area.  Philipp kept Momo until age twelve, when Momo went to live with the neighbors in the Arabella Park neighborhood of Munich.

Although Momo’s demise is unknown, the loss that Philipp felt when Momo went away was akin to the death of the feline killer.  In the print below, I imagine the death of Momo and how Philipp would have felt had he witnessed the revenge of the crows.

Although the scene occurs in Spain, the crows speak German because I relate the German language to Philipp’s life before his relocation to the United States.  I appear at the bottom of the print emerging from a compass of sorts, facing East from the West side of the world.  Foreshadowing Philipp’s eventual emigration to the United States and empathizing with him on his losses–real and imagined.

The composition is based on a Medeival German print of the Christ child comforting the lamb.  The birds in the original composition looked like gossipy, conniving little creatures and reminded me of the mean crows that used to pick on pre-bloodthirsty Momo.  And thus, a print is made.

Below, see the block as it appears before being printed.  I will post the final print tomorrow.


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