Two-Person Exhibition at La Passarelle, Institut Universitaire de Formation des Maitres

25 Oct

From November 9-28, La Passarelle at Institut Universitaire de Formation des Maitres
Academie de Rouen
Haute Normandie

Will feature my work in a two-person exhibition as a part of their exhibition cycle: Corps, Identites & Impressions (Bodies, Identities & Impressions).
From September 2009 through July 2010 La Passarelle will host eleven exhibitions dedicated to exploring the body and identity through the figure.

I will exhibit along with Beatriz Mejia Krumbein (, my former professor, a good friend and an artist from Colombia.  Beatriz explores issues of psychological violence in her native Colombia, as well as restrictions placed on women because of their sex.

I will have fifteen pieces on display, ranging in size from 8″x10″-15″x22″.  My contribution to the work is to explore the identity of immigrants to the United States and the influence of the domestic culture (in this case Peru and Mexico–where my parents were born) and its synthesis with the public/dominant culture of the United States.

Our exhibition coincides with a conference on Immigration. According to the catalog:

A l’occasion de la huitième édition des journées culturelles anglophones consacrée cette année aux questions d’immigration et d’intégration aux Etas-Unis et notamment en Californie, l’IUFM accueille deux artistes d’origine latino-américaineinstallées dans la région de Los Angelès.

Roughly translated: On the occasion of the 8th annual English Cultural Conference devoted to questions of immigration and integration into the United States, including California, the IUFM welcomes two artists of Latin American Origin who now work in the Los Angeles area.

This is how my bio appears:

Gabriela Martinez est née en 1977 à Los Angelès. Elle s’occupede l’éducation artistique au Museum of Latin American Art Long Beach-Californie. Elle enseigne aussi les arts plastiques au Los Angeles County High School for the Arts. Elle raconte son histoire personnelle et familiale entre ses deux cultures sud et nord américaine. C’est dans ses souvenirs d’enfance qu’elle puise son inspiration.

(Gabriela Martinez was born in 1977 in Los Angeles.  She is in charge of Art Education at the Museum of Latin American in Long Beach, California.  She also teaches Fine ARts at the Los Angeles County High School for the Arts.  She recounts her personal and familial history between the two cultures of North and South America.  She draws her inspiration from these childhood memories)
(That term studying French in Paris came in handy!)

Contributors include: Christian Sauvan Magnet (Director of Galerie le Pictorium of Paris), Marc Donnadieu (Director of FRAC of Haute-Normandie), Yoland Simon (Poet, Dramatist and Writer) and Catherine Scott (L.A. based independent consultant and art representative).

The exhibitions address issues of the body & identity via the figure. As far as I can tell from the catalog, most of the artists are photographers and video artists, with a couple of painters, sculptors and one printmaker (me).

The other artists involved in the various cycles are:

Pierre Olingue
Daniel Mayar & Amanda Pinto da Silva
Andre Roques
Laure Delamotte-Legrand
Patrick Gilberstein
FRAC Haute-Normandie
Christian Torelli
Chantal Prevost
Sabine Meier
Bernard Clarisse

This is my first exhibition in Europe and my third exhibition outside of the United States (Former international exhibitions include South Korea and China)

To learn more about La Passarelle and the IUFM:


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