Printmaking Series in January and February

15 Nov

Jose Guadalupe Posada was born on February 2, 1852 and died on January of 1913, just thirteen days shy of his 61st birthday.  Throughout his short life, he was able to establish himself as the father of Mexican printmaking.  The characters he brought to life–most notably La Catrina and the Calavera Zapatista–have become popular culture icons not only in his native Mexico, but everywhere in the world people are familiar with Day of the Dead. 

This winter, the Museum of Latin American Art (Long Beach) pays an homage to Jose Guadalupe Posada through a Descrubre el Arte Printmaking Series that I will teach.  For two Sundays in January and another two in February, I will lead participants through the process of relief printmaking.  Utilizing linocut (Posada was the creator of the “metal cut”–relief printmaking utilizing zinc plates), participants will design a print and then carve it out and print it on molaa’s table top press.  Every participant will take home a small edition of prints.

Every week, I will have a different theme depending on the day.  Participants are welcome to follow that theme or to come prepared with their own design.  All materials will be provided for the workshop and the fees are as follows:

Members:  $25 per session or $80 for the entire series.

Non-members: $35 per session or $100 for the entire series.

Dates are:  January 10 and 24, 2009 and February 14 & 28, 2009.

Pre-registration is recommended.   To register:  562-437-1689


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