Solo Exhibition: February 16-March 9

17 Oct

I’ve confirmed a solo show at La Sierra University in late winter/early spring.  The exhibition will include work from my thesis exhibition plus new work.  It will also be in conjunction with a community printmaking workshop held in the printmaking studio at La Sierra University’s art department.

I’m really looking to transform this into an opportunity to educate people about the history and processes of printmaking, so it will also include an “educational” aspect as an intro to the exhibition.  I was very impressed by an exhibition of Goya’s “Disasters of War” that I saw in Barcelona which included a short intro to printmaking in the room adjacent to the gallery.  It was still lacking in explaining the process, however, as I found myself having to explain to my mother–step by step–the process of printmaking. 

For the upcoming exhibition, I will be working with a designer from the department to create text panels with images from my own workshops and studio work that pictorally and verbally describe the process of printmaking.  I’ve noticed–from just telling people what I do when they ask–that the general public has a very vague idea of what printmaking is, though they are SURROUNDED by prints on a daily basis.  My goal is to increase the visibility of printmaking, to have people understand it and to hopefully turn a  new generation on to the medium.  Printmaking provides so many possibilities in mark-making and in the distribution of art!  We need a resurgence of the dissemination of images and information–especially in these times!

More info will be posted as I work out the kinks of this exhibition.


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